Review Statement

La Trobe eBureau open publications rely on mechanisms to ensure that they are high quality, and meet the needs of all students and educators. This takes the form of both editing and double peer review.


This publication has been reviewed by an IPED accredited editor to improve the clarity, consistency, organization structure flow, and any grammatical errors.

Peer review

Two rounds of peer review were completed for this publication in December 2022 by:

  • Jodie Young, La Trobe University
  • Brandon Cheong, Australian Catholic University

The peer review was structured around considerations of the intended audience of the book, and examined the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and relevance of content, as well as longevity and cultural relevance.

Changes suggested by the editor and reviewers were incorporated by the author in consultation with the publisher.

The publisher and author would like to thank the reviewers for the time, care, and commitment they contributed to the project. We recognise that peer reviewing is a generous act of service on their part. This book would not be the robust, valuable resource that it is were it not for their feedback and input.

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