This open educational resource is the culmination of my work health and safety (WHS) management teaching and research from 2010 until 2023 spanning two universities; the University of Wollongong (Australia) and the University of Otago (New Zealand).  This resource was therefore produced, in part, on Dharawal country (Wollongong, Australia) and in Ōtepoti, Te Waipounamu, Aotearoa (Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand).   Please note that when teaching in New Zealand I often use the terms Aotearoa and New Zealand interchangeably, however, for the purposes of this publication I have only used the term New Zealand.  This choice has been made as effectively I am solely referring to the WHS jurisdiction established by “the Crown” in the legislation which does not, unfortunately, incorporate mātauranga Māori perspectives on safety management.  However, where possible and appropriate, I have sought to proffer insights on how British colonial perspectives on Australia and Aotearoa have impacted modern Human Resource Management practices (see Past Influencing the Present in Chapter 1).

As an important, yet emerging field, WHS research will continue to evolve at a rapid pace so this resource is unable to address all currently emerging ideas in this field but, instead, is designed to provide a clear historical context to the approaches (Part I) and processes that contemporary organisations are drawing on today (Part II and Part III); as such this resource is mainly is derived from a Safety I perspective but acknowledges, and integrates where possible, the emergence of Safety II.

In Part II, the chapters focus on establishing, implementing, and closing the loop in a WHS system in an attempt to outline what occurs in each phase of the safety management system, rather than exactly how to achieve every aspect, given each organisation, due to its jurisdiction and context, will likely adopt unique approaches.  Please do accept my apologies for any oversights on aspects of safety management implementation, as these are likely due to either the innate constraints of publishing or reflect the limitations of my personal knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this open educational resource and I sincerely hope that it enhances your work health and safety practice.

Stay safe!




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