I would like to acknowledge the Otago University Library for endorsing open publication of this resource via the Open Education Resources Collective of the Council of Australian University Libraries.  In particular, I would like to thank Richard White, Manager Copyright and Open Access, and Kate Thompson, Librarian, who are both strong advocates for open educational resources and were practical project managers for the production of  this resource.  Thank you to Lauryn Hortle, Otago Business School, for her insightful and thorough editorial feedback.  Thank you to Professor Fiona Edgar, Department of Management for her encouragement to pursue this project.

Much appreciation goes to Alyce Mason (Deputy Director Learning, Teaching & Curriculum), the UOW copyright (legal) team and to Professor Ann Rogerson (Associate Dean Education, Faculty of Business & Law) for encouraging, supporting and enabling the use of the An introduction to work health and safety animated video series, produced at the University of Wollongong, for this open educational resource.

I would like to thank Ray Stace for choosing to support the initial animated video series project and, more broadly, for always fostering closer collaborations between academics and creatives to enhance student learning.  I acknowledge and thank all the University of Wollongong Learning Teaching & Curriculum staff who dedicated their time and expertise to every aspect of the animated video series and live recordings during 2014 to 2018.  Thanks also to Sarah Lambert for inspiring ‘open’ as a tool to promote equity in education during her time at the University of Wollongong.

Thank you, Leanne Treadwell, co-author of videos 5 and 6, your expertise in risk assessment and hazard control is exceptional.  I am so grateful for all the insights shared from your extensive career in safety management.  Likewise, to Cathie Andrew and Neil Logan for choosing to participate in my digital teaching and learning projects which, today, have culminated in this open educational resource.

Finally, both love and appreciation go to J. Guadalupe, Elena and Paloma for affording me the time and support to turn what began as a series of videos into a book.

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