The development of this Open Educational Resource (OER) was supported by funding from the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) through their Open Educational Resources Collective Grant Program. The funding helped me turn a teaching resource that I had originally developed for the postgraduate subject “Neuroscience, Psychology and Conflict” into an OER. Thank you CAUL for funding my resource!

The development of the original teaching resource and the final OER was supported by many people. I would like to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to all my colleagues who have contributed in one way or the other to this eBook, including its content and final layout. Without their help, this OER would not have been possible.

Colleagues who helped develop the content and who I would like to thank for their contributions include:

  • Dr Madelyn Pardon, who taught Social and Environmental Psychology in the Psychology department at James Cook University (JCU) at the time of writing of this eBook. Madelyn contributed to the content of Chapter 2, which centres around cognitive psychology, and Chapter 5, which is based on social psychology.
  • Dr Klaire Somoray, who was a Lecturer in Psychology at the College of Healthcare Sciences at JCU at the time of writing this eBook. Klaire has contributed to the content of Chapter 4, which focuses on personality psychology.
  • Dr Samantha Hardy, who provides coaching, conflict support and training to managers and leaders across the world, including through her CCI Academy. Sam generously shared several videos from her CCI Academy course “Emotions and Conflict”. These videos have been integrated into Chapter 3 of this eBook.
  • Claire Holland, who was my colleague in the Conflict Management and Resolution program at JCU at the time of writing this eBook. Claire also works as a mediator, conflict coach, workplace facilitator, and professional development trainer.  Claire has contributed content on positive psychology as part of Chapter 4 on personality psychology and has provided continuous support throughout the project.

Colleagues from the JCU library team who majorly supported me with the design, layout, formatting and editing of this eBook, including the use of images and tables, and who helped to turn my original teaching resource into an OER include:

  • Alice Luetchford, who oversaw copyright compliance and the layout of this resource from start to finish. I would like to thank Alice for all her support with the application for the CAUL grant and her enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the project.
  • Dr Deborah King, who helped majorly with the layout, formatting, copyright compliance and finding appropriate images and illustrations. I would also like to thank Deborah for editing the book and for her vigilant eye and attention to detail when checking all in-text references and the reference list.
  • Dr Kezia Perry, who assisted with the formatting and layout of this ebook, as well as with ensuring copyright compliance, including through finding and creating images and illustrations used throughout the eBook.
  • Amber Swayn, who created the cover of the eBook and the images that introduce each chapter.
  • Greg Walsh, a Senior Digital Advisor at JCU at the time of writing of this eBook. Greg contributed majorly to the design of the eBook, including by setting up the original format and supporting me with any technical matters.



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