Review Statement

Neuroscience, Psychology and Conflict Management was produced with support from the Open Educational Resources Collective initiative of the Council of Australian University Librarians.

This book has been peer-reviewed by a subject expert.

The review was structured around the needs of the intended audience of the book, and covered:

  • subject matter
  • accuracy
  • presentation of diverse perspectives
  • longevity of the text
  • clarity of the writing
  • structure
  • consistency
  • user experience.

The author wishes to thank Professor Ken Purnell, Head of Educational Neuroscience at Central Queensland University, Australia, for taking the time to thoroughly review the book.

Professor Purnell notes in his review that “this must-read resource connects psychology and neuroscience, enabling readers to handle conflicts with depth and insight,” and, “it is a well-organised eBook that guides readers through the intricacies of conflict management”. Professor Purnell also notes other attributes of the eBook:

  • Comprehensive integration: This eBook skilfully integrates fundamental concepts from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology, providing a thorough exploration of conflict management. It offers a complete view of conflict dynamics.
  • Research-informed content: The eBook includes relevant, research-backed information, ensuring its credibility. Readers gain evidence-based insights, improving their comprehension of conflict resolution strategies.
  • Thought-provoking: The content stimulates thought and inquiry. By introducing behavioural neuroscience, the book not only elucidates the origins of conflict but also provides readers with practical tools for effective conflict management.
  • Logical organisation: This eBook is well-structured. The topics are logically organised, making for a seamless reading experience.
  • Appropriate arrangement: The sections and chapters are thoughtfully arranged. The progression aligns with the reader’s level of understanding, making complex concepts easily accessible.


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