Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Overview

This resource has been designed with accessibility in mind and incorporates the following features:

  • Optimisation for people who use screen reading technology
    • Keyboard navigation for all content
    • Links, headings, and tables are formatted to work with screen readers
    • Images have alt text
  • Information is not conveyed by colour alone.

Other File Formats Available

In addition to the web version, this book is available in several file formats, including PDF, EPUB (for ereaders). Choose from the available file types from the  ‘Download this book’ drop-down menu.  This option appears below the book cover image on the eBook’s landing page.

Let us know if you are having problems accessing this resource

We are always looking for how we can make our resources more accessible. If you are having problems accessing this resource, please contact us to let us know so we can fix the issue.

Please include the following information:

  • the location of the problem by providing the book title, a web address or page description
  • a description of the problem
  • the computer, software, browser, and any assistive technology you are using that can help us diagnose and solve your issue
    • e.g., Windows 10, Google Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181), NVDA screenreader.

You can contact us via:

This statement was last updated on: 28 April 2023


Copyright Note: This accessibility disclaimer is adapted from BCampus’s Accessibility Toolkit, and licensed under a CC BY 4.0 licence.



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