Review Statement

Exploring Sociology in Antipodes: Introduction to Sociology – 1st Australian Edition was produced with support from the Open Educational Resources Collective initiative of the Council of Australian University Librarians.

This book has been peer-reviewed by two subject experts.

The review was structured around the needs of the intended audience of the book, and covered:

  • subject matter
  • accuracy
  • presentation of diverse perspectives
  • longevity of the text
  • clarity of the writing
  • structure
  • consistency
  • user experience.

The authors wish to thank Dr Rachel Busbridge (Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Australian Catholic University) and Dr Ruby Grant (Research Fellow at La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society), for taking the time to thoroughly review the book.

Dr Busbridge notes in her review that the book is clearly written, the structure will make it easy for students to navigate and diverse perspectives and viewpoints are presented. Overall,

[t]his is an excellent textbook – it gives a robust and rich understanding of classical and contemporary traditions in sociology, and situates them thoughtfully and effectively in relation to specific concepts and fields of study. Overall, students will be afforded a nuanced understanding of sociology as a discipline. I would absolutely use this in my own teaching.

Dr Grant notes in her review of the book that,

[t]he tone of the text and examples used is empathetic and thoughtful, appropriately introducing a range of complex topics (e.g. race/racialisation, gender, sexuality, inequality, social movements) in a culturally sensitive manner that encourages readers to be similarly reflective.

Further, Dr Grant particularly liked the interactive boxes and points of reflection and activities throughout the text. She found these to be engaging and the activities suitable for educators to use as learning activities as well as help to demonstrate to students the practical application of what they have learned.


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