Some amazing people at Western Sydney Uni (WSU) helped curate this book. We are grateful to WSU Library staff, in particular Paul Jewell, Karen Sheehy, Lucy Walton, Lauren Tupper, and Jeffrey Har who were great to collaborate with. Frank Hill, our University Copyright Officer helped immensely. Many of the images in this book were shot by our university’s official photographer – thank you, Sally Tsoutas!

We also acknowledge and thank the Open Educational Resources Collective, a Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) initiative, for their generous grant which helped improve the second edition of Customer Insights.

CAUL leads sector-wide initiatives that focus on developing the capacity and capability to publish open textbooks and other open educational resources in Australia and New Zealand.

Finally, our academic colleagues who offered to review the book and provide feedback at a short notice. You guys rock! They are (alphabetically):

  • Dr Abdul Babar, Sessional Academic
  • Bruce Cameron, Sessional Academic
  • Fareeza Khan, Sessional Academic (Macquarie University)
  • Saman Sadiq, Sessional Academic
  • Sana Yousaf, Teaching Assistant



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