2.7 Review

To recap, in this chapter, you have learned various aspects of Japanese to enhance your conversations, as well as your reading and writing skills, including:

Tick Icon Hiragana mastery

You have now added more hiragana characters to your Japanese reading and writing toolkit, broadening your skills in areas, such as the Japanese sound and punctuation systems.

Tick Icon Greeting techniques

You have used simple greeting phrases to initiate engaging and friendly conversations.

Tick Icon Cultural insights

You have explored the nuances of the Japanese greetings, including よろしくお願(ねが)いします (yoroshiku onegai shimasu), and the accompanying body language.

Tick Icon Self-introduction proficiency

You have mastered essential sentence patterns to introduce yourself confidently.

Tick Icon Honorifics application

You have learned to use honorifics appropriately, showing respect when addressing others.


The insights you have gained in this chapter provide a solid foundation for your continued journey towards mastering Japanese.


To further consolidate your understanding of the concepts and techniques we have covered in this chapter, we have prepared a revision exercise for you. It is designed to help you practise your new skills. Have fun with it, and feel free to review any sections of the chapter to clarify any points!

Exercise 1



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