5.6 Review

In this chapter, you have made some fantastic strides in enhancing your Japanese conversational skills! Here is a quick look at the awesome milestones you have achieved:

Tick Icon Formality mastery

You now understand the distinction between formal and informal speech, making sure you sound just right for the occasion.

Tick Icon Sentence transformation

You have mastered the negative form of XはYです, seamlessly incorporated into dialogues.

Tick Icon Numerical fluency

You can now count from 11 to 100 in Japanese. Great progress!

Tick Icon Talking about where you are from

With the useful term 出身(しゅっしん: shusshin), you are now all set to talk about your places of origin and others’ .

Tick Icon Conjunction application

You have added でも (demo: however) to your toolkit, connecting your thoughts effectively in Japanese.

These skills will serve as valuable tools as you continue to explore and engage with the language. Fantastic effort!

To reinforce your skills and understanding, here is a review exercise for you.

Exercise 1


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