4.7 Review

In this chapter, you have delved into katakana and honed your Japanese conversational skills, equipping you for practical interactions in Japanese shops and beyond. Here is a summary of the knowledge and techniques you have acquired:

Tick Icon Katakana understanding

You have delved  into the workings of the katakana script, enhancing your grasp of its function in sentences.

Tick Icon Personal identification

You have learned to write or type your name in katakana, personalising your Japanese writing experience.

Tick Icon Demonstrative pronouns

You have acquired the ability to use demonstrative pronouns for objects, adding versatility to your conversation.

Tick Icon Asking ‘what’ questions

You have mastered the usage of 何(なん)(nan: what) in the pattern ‘X は Y ですか’, allowing you to inquire about unfamiliar objects.

Tick Icon Counting mastery

You have developed the ability to count small items, a practical skill for daily situations.

Tick Icon Conjunctions and particles

You have understood the distinct roles of それから (sorekara: and then) and と (to: and), and applied them appropriately in sentences, enriching your knowledge of connective expressions.

Tick Icon Sentence-ending particles

You have grasped the nuances of the sentence-ending particles ね (ne) and よ (yo), and learned how to apply them, adding subtlety and emphasis to your speech.

These skills serve as crucial stepping stones for further growth in your Japanese language journey. Keep up the fantastic work!


Here’s a revision exercise to solidify your grasp of this chapter’s concepts. Use it to reinforce your learning and practise your skills. Enjoy, and revisit any section if you need more clarity.

Exercise 1



For practising katakana, you may find this activity by Steven Kraft helpful.


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