3.6 Review

In this chapter, you have honed your skills in Japanese sentence construction, expanded your hiragana proficiency and embraced essential grammatical points and daily expressions, including:

Tick Icon Mastering the Japanese word order

Now, you can confidently construct sentences with the correct structure.

Tick Icon Hiragana proficiency

You have gained confidence in using additional hiragana characters, broadening your ability to read and write in Japanese.

Tick Icon Crafting sentences with ‘X はY です’

You can now apply this fundamental sentence pattern to form questions and responses.

Tick Icon Expressing likes with ‘X はY が好(す)きです’

You can now express your preferences and ask about others’ likes using this pattern.

Tick Icon Particle magic with ‘の’ and ‘も’

You have learned to use these particles to enhance your sentences, adding depth and detail to your expression.

Tick Icon Counting numbers from 0 to 10

You have acquired the ability to count small numbers in Japanese, a fundamental skill for quantifying, discussing quantities in daily life and reading phone numbers.

Tick Icon Year level with 年生(ねんせい)

Now that you have mastered counting skills, you are also able to discuss educational year levels in Japanese.

Each of these skills will add a new dimension to your Japanese conversations. Practise them regularly, and they will become second nature.


We have prepared a fun revision exercise to help you solidify all the wonderful skills you have picked up in this chapter. Whether you need practice or just want to test your knowledge, this exercise is for you. If anything stumps you, don’t hesitate to revisit the chapter. Happy practising!

Exercise 1


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