I discovered qualitative research as a doctoral student in a predominantly quantitative research environment.

As someone trained in biomedical science and quantitative public health research, qualitative research was a new frontier for me.

I taught myself the qualitative research paradigms and designs, methods, and analysis approaches. 

I remember being surrounded by qualitative textbooks and feeling lost and confused.

In 2014, the year after finishing my PhD, I designed and launched a three-day short course on qualitative research for public health.

I wanted to provide researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and students with an introduction to the key concepts of qualitative research.

I wanted people to leave the course knowing what to google and read!

I wanted to provide guidance and excitement about what qualitative research is, and what can be achieved through these methods.

This book is the content of the course and more. We draw on our teaching and research experience with examples throughout.

We hope you find this book helpful and wish you all the best on your qualitative research journey.

~Darsh Ayton on behalf of the authorship team


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