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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
47Introduction: The User GuideCourse Presentation
48Chapter 6 Come and GoDialog Cards
49Chapter 6 Come and GoDialog Cards
50Chapter 6 Come and GoDialog Cards
51Chapter 6 Come and GoDialog Cards
52Chapter 6 'desu' and 'masu'Column
53Chapter 6 The particle 'yone'Multiple Choice
54Chapter 6 The particle 'yone'Multiple Choice
55Chapter 6 The particle 'yone'Multiple Choice
56Chapter V Formal and Informal Speech StylesColumn
57Chapter 6 Masu-form: Question SentencesColumn
58Chapter V Xは (wa) Yじゃないです (janai desu)。Dialog Cards
59Chapter 3 Describe Likes and DislikesFill in the Blanks
60Chapter 3 Describe Likes and DislikesDrag the Words
61Chapter 3 Describe Likes and DislikesDialog Cards
62Chapter VI VocabDialog Cards
63Chapter III VocabDialog Cards
64Chapter IV VocabDialog Cards
65Chapter V VocabDialog Cards
66Chapter II RevisionColumn
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