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Historical thinking for senior secondary students: A collection of teaching and learning activities 2022 book cover

Historical thinking for senior secondary students: A collection of teaching and learning activities 2022

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)  5 H5P Activities    English (United Kingdom)

Author(s): Nicolette Arranga, Sam Babic, Connor Beaumont, Brittany Bell, Nicholas Bridges, Mason Camanzi, Tyson Coverdale, Merjam Colan, Harvey Costigan, Remi Donnison, Brett Fletcher, Nick Frawley, Kostantinos Georgiou, Chole Goodie, Lisa Grbin, Anna Griffiths, Tayla Hilton, Sarah Jaeschke, Abby Kampl, Kevin Liew, Joel Lindeman-Collins, Thompson (Tang Pusen) Liu, Annaliese Magee, Kristiana Markovski, Jett Mathews, Chris Mayman, Hannah McArdle, Alistair McCann, Chole Morrison, Simon O'Rouke, Nick Panagopoulous, Tamsyn Pentland, Nick Reynolds, Amy Sellers, Sam Shannon, Monica Sheehan, Victoria Smart, Jessie Smith, Jemima Stafford, Joni Stamatopoulous, Isabella Swanwick, Phobe Thomas, Brandon Tilley, Mia Treacey, Tahlia Webb

Editor(s): Rebecca Cairns, Phillip O’Brien

Subject(s): History, Education

Institution(s): Deakin University

Last updated: 18/01/2023

Most learning and teaching activities that get created in initial teacher education courses never get seen again once they are assessed as part of an assignment. However, pre-service History teachers undertaking a Master of Teaching at Deakin University have created and shared some of the learning and teaching activities they designed as part of a renewable assignment. This Open Education Resource (OER) contains activities on ancient history, empires, twentieth century world history and even early twenty-first century history, with a focus on building historical thinking. It showcases their emerging content and pedagogical understanding as well as their capacity to engage with open pedagogy and design copyright compliant materials. Although the activities have been mostly designed around the curriculum requirements of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), they are easily adapted to fit other state and international curriculum contexts.

Svantesson on the Law of Obligations book cover

Svantesson on the Law of Obligations

CC BY-NC (Attribution NonCommercial)   English

Author(s): Dan Jerker B. Svantesson

Subject(s): Contract law, Law of torts, damages and compensation

Institution(s): Bond University

Publisher: Bond University

Last updated: 05/12/2022

Svantesson on the Law of Obligations provides an accessible, yet comprehensive, overview of how the rules of common law and equity, together with the provisions of applicable legislation such as the Australian Consumer Law, the Fair Trading Acts, and the Sale of Goods Acts, affect contractual and other obligations. Thus, a range of topics are covered, including:

  • the implication of terms;
  • the effect of vitiating factors under contract law;
  • the statutory prohibition against e.g. misleading and deceptive conduct and against misrepresentations; and
  • the relevant economic torts.

The material dealt with is approached from an Australian perspective.

The book was first published by Pearson Education in 2007, and this is now the fourth edition revised in 2021 and released in ebook form in 2022. It is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and extensively researched resource for students engaging with an area of private law central to their education in the law and preparation for legal practice.